What will you learn here?

Get a good start
Even before learning the instrument, you will be guided to the Didgeridoo's choice, which notes, how to make the mouthpiece, the playing positions, etc. ...

Discover the first sounds

The Didgeridoo is accessible to all, starting from scratch! Here you will learn the drone, the harmonics, the use of the voice, pulses with the tongue, as well as the more advanced techniques...

Learning circular breathing

Contrary to some myths, it's not complicated; everyone can do it. All you need is the right advice and patience!

The power of Combos

Learn how to create high-speed sound combinations with combos

Double and multiple Wobbles

Split your Wobbles, to make a wide variety of sounds, while breathing once

Practice your skills! 

47 videos of various rhythms to train on everything we have seen in this module

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Bundle : Fundamentals + Wobble

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